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Kids architecture program

Explore. Learn. Inspire

Signature K-12 program for teaching kids architecture created by an international architect, a laureate of numerous awards, a participant in international scientific conferences, and an Assoc. Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Fernanda Sukadolnik,

KAP student's parent

“... All classes were imbued with an atmosphere of trust, tolerance, and attention to the inner world of each student, including my Sophie. Your teaching method helped my daughter to begin to feel not only the architecture and the environment in general, but also to feel and harmonize her inner world ...“

Georgy John RA,

Partner R & R STUDIOS

“... KAP curriculum is designed is a wonderful way to develop the artistic and creative skills in children. While the architectural program provides students with the study of the fundamentals of architecture and spatial composition, it also teaches students to be more observant and mindful of their surroundings ... “

Dr. Eric Yuri Reznik, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Professor of Psychology

“... Your program not only taps into young minds’ creativity but allows children and adults alike to reach their highest potential and express themselves with the outmost originality and inspiration.  I am truly impressed with your architectural and inspirational ability to construct your teaching model.  It is distinctively one of a kind ...“
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