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ABOUT THE program

The Kids Architecture Program (KAP) is a remarkable curriculum developed for children from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.  KAP is aimed not only at introducing students to the architectural profession and the fundamentals of architecture, but also at forming the foundations of design, artistic,  and volumetric spatial thinking, developing creative potential, as well as STEM-relative skills such as problem-solving, inquiry skills, math and science skills, engineering design and critical thinking, collaboration, and others.

our curriculum

Our educational program is designed to make the study of architecture understandable and accessible to students from 5 to 18 years old. Our carefully designed holistic curriculum and mentoring from professionals allow every student to find the learning process exciting and fascinating. 
We are proud of each of our students and their achievements such as successful admission to the prestigious Design And Architecture Senior High School and winning top prizes in the Florida State Fair 2023.

our learning environment

We developed the learning environment where students feel motivated to learn without the boundaries of a single discipline. Kids Architecture Program (KAP) students work on their projects in an amazing atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, support, and mentoring.


about author of the program

Ms. Voronina is an international architect, a laureate of numerous awards, a participant in international scientific conferences, Assoc. Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the author of the Kids Architecture Program.

Ms. Voronina has successful architectural projects in Russia, for which she has been awarded several rewards. After moving to Miami, USA, she cooperated with the local company and successfully participated as a consultant in the work on projects of residential buildings, commercial projects, and others.

During her architectural practice, Ms. Voronina developed an curriculum for children, the goal of which is to provide kids from a very young age with access to the study of architecture.

Elena Voronina, Assoc. AIA

KAP Founder, Chair

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